Marine Peyre designs modular and playful furniture solutions combining soft foam structures and textile finishes

Design and craft in France

Marine Peyre bespoke professional furniture design is 100% "Made in France". Our partners and suppliers possess true know-how derived from historical and crafted heritages. We value the best materials to curate our projects and focus on the tactile, technical, aesthetic and ergonomic qualities.

Innovation + Customization

With a "Made in France" production, Marine Peyre combines flexibility and expertise to provide a customized service. We create the perfect sitting space to enhance culture & productivity. Our range is designed to be flexible and easy to install. Bespoke services are available.

Design + Development

Marine Peyre is a recognized designer. She believes that good design can improve communication, productivity and human links. The studio can help you for the furniture layout up to the textile range choice

new in:

sound soft

SOUND SOFT is a moving, graphic and playful acoustic partition that favors generosity and roundness of form and material. Made in a single volume of high resilience foam and covered with eco-designed fabrics from Gabriel® collection, SOUND SOFT has a very good sound absorption quality. Elegant with textile frames and colorful shades, wheels and handle, SOUND SOFT allows to freely create micro-workspaces, meeting and lounge.

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retailers and partners

Acuitis, Paris, Agence Rudy Ricciotti, France, Ballet Preljocaj, Aix en Provence, Canon, Paris, Cap Gemini, Paris, Castel Lisse maison d'hôtes, Hyères

Cité des sciences, Paris, CPCAM, Paris, Coq Sportif, Paris, Credit Agricole, Paris, Decathlon Lille,, Edisac, Lille, Equip'Hotel, Paris, L'Espace, Paris,  Etat de Siège, Paris, FRAC de Reims, Gabriel fabrics, Paris, Groupe Express, Paris, Hippodrome Longchamp, Paris, Hippodrome Vincennes, Paris, ISEP, Paris, ISET, Paris, MODA, Paris, MEDEF, Paris, Michel Vivien, Paris, Musée des Arts et métiers, Paris, Musée en Herbe, Paris, Morning, Toulouse, New Hotel, Marseille, Novotel, Orange, Oxygène Sport, L'Oréal, Paris, Playtime, Paris, Palais des sports de Boulogne sur mer, Pictime, Lille, SAFI salons, Paris, Serge Ferrari, France, Sephora, Paris, Silvera, France, SNCF,

France, Steelcase, France, SFR, Paris, The Camp, Aix en Provence, Vacances Bleues, Hyères, Yooma hotel, Paris ...